How to Dress Up Like Medusa For Halloween

Medusa is known for the snakes that took the place of her hair. Dressing up like Medusa for Halloween can be a challenge, but you have a variety of options to create costumes that will freak out people at your Halloween party and scare people with a phobia of snakes from a mile away.

Paper mache is one easy way to make a costume like Medusa. Blow up a balloon to be the base of the helmet and tie long balloons to resemble the snakes. Make your paper mache paste and apply it over the top half of the balloons. Let it dry thoroughly and then paint the helmet to look like snakes coming out of a head. Make sure that you attach a ribbon or something else to the helmet to ensure that it stays on your head while you enjoy the evening. Attaching googly eyes to the ends of the snakes can give them a level of dimension that is hard to obtain any other way. These eyes are easily found in any crafts store and can be glued on with regular tacky glue or with a hot glue gun in a few seconds.

If you are not one for paper mache but enjoy sewing, you may wish to consider using some old fabric scraps to make a variety of snakes. After you have a sufficient number of snakes complete you can attach the snakes to a hat to wear. If you want to give the snakes some liveliness you can thread pipe cleaners through the snakes and mold them to make them look like they are moving. If pipe cleaners are not available you can stuff the snakes with stuffing, paper towels, or remnants of fabric that you are unable to use to get a similar look. Make sure that you pack in the stuff or other material tightly to get the snakes to hold their shapes when you are enjoying your Halloween evening.

If you're not super crafty but absolutely want to dress up like Medusa, you might want to consider trying an easier method. For this method you will need a wig of dreadlocks, googly eyes, glue, and brown pipe cleaners. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the dreadlocks and bend them to make them look like snakes. Glue on googly eyes to the ends of the dreadlocks to make them look like heads of snakes.

Everyone is fascinated with mythology, why not play that to your advantage this Halloween, get yourself a Medusa costume. No matter what size you need there is an adult Medusa costume out there for you.